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How can I help? What exactly do you need help with? Could it be any of the following?


Breakdown in team communication

Lack of synchronicity within your team

Loss or lack of direction

Loss of enthusiasm or inspiration

Low energy levels in team (Mental and Physical)

Lack of team-esteem

Ineffective Leadership

No group camaraderie 


Any other?


Whatever your problem might be I am here to help you sort it out, and even if you’re not sure what the problem is, we can work together to find it, correct it and get your team moving together again in an upbeat, synchronized, focused and cheerful atmosphere.


I run workshops, seminars and courses for Managers and Teams to help you get to the bottom of your teams’ obstructions and difficulties. I specialize in bringing life and zest back to a team who have lost their Mojo, or who feel depleted.  If you feel you could do with an outside influence to help change the ambiance and atmosphere in your business environment, call me now.


Let’s talk, and perhaps we can begin a process that will deliver the results you need to build a new team with spirit, ethics, character, personality and potential. 


Remember this…..Your business is only as good, effective or successful as your team of employees…period!  So if you have team issues don’t try to sort them alone….let me help, that’s what I do, I help people solve team problems.

Community Groups

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"In the business world and the volunteer world, each job has certain requirements that must be met in order for that job to be done properly and for that organization to survive and prosper"

-Ron D. Burton

Hi, how can I help your group?

If you have any of the following struggles with your group or team, just call me …I can help.


Leadership difficulties

Communication breakdowns

Lack of togetherness

Keeping groups/teams together

Singing from the same hymn- sheet 

Unsure of direction

Recruitment issues


Any other?


Community groups are different…very different.  Mostly they are voluntary, and members must have a burning desire for the Objectives, Aims and Intentions of the Organization. But all too often this is not the case. Often groups lack proper leadership, direction and management skills due to the part-time / voluntary nature of these groups. 


However, don’t despair, I am here to help…that is my job…that is what I do. I can mould your malfunctioning team into a creative, energized and organized unit that will deliver the results your organization needs and deserves.


 All group/team members need emotional energy, personal empowerment and self-confidence in order to make a telling contribution to any process or project. They also need an ability to recognize, understand and appreciate the diversity of skills and creativity that other members can bring to the process. I can instil these qualities in all group members…that is my forte…that is my job. 


So, contact me if any of the above resonates with you, and I will reignite the spark that will inspire a new, fresh and innovative passion in your group/team members.

Open Public Workshops

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"In the business world and the volunteer world, each job has certain requirements that must be met in order for that job to be done properly and for that organization to survive and prosper"

-Ron D. Burton


Hi guys, I run regular workshops and courses all year round for the general public. Yes, these workshops are open to everyone,including YOU! 

The workshops/courses are aimed at people who would like to accomplish any or all of the following.


Raise your energy for living

Get back into the game of life

Empower yourself for your next challenge

Get to that level where you know you belong

Take a giant step into a new adventure

Start over again

Release a hidden talent

Defeat fear and do it anyway

Take a leap of faith


What is it you want to achieve in your lifetime? What are you doing about it? If you are working hard every day to reach your goals, and feel happy that you are on the right path, then you don’t need me, and I wish you luck. However, if you are not moving in the right direction, or perhaps not moving at all….Why? I know the answer to that question is that you really don’t know why. Well, let me help.


Let me be the inspiration you need to kick start the life you really want. That’s all we ever need really…someone to help show us how to clear away the obstacles, difficulties and obstructions that are keeping us from living a more fulfilled and rewarding life, full of pleasure, excitement and adventure. That kind of life is there for all of us to enjoy…you just have to do something about it.


If you feel excited about the idea of really changing your life, and commencing a journey of new adventures that will take you to where you believe you belong, then come to one of my workshops to find out more about how we can work together to create your dream life. My workshops are open days/evenings, and are designed to introduce you to my Life Coaching Courses.


Do something for yourself, give yourself the greatest present you ever received and sign up now for one of the workshops near you. If there is not one near you, just contact me and let me know.

It’s YOU time now…Show the world what you’re made of, don’t hold back any longer. See you soon.



PS..If you prefer to work one-on-one, that’s fine. Just contact me and let me know, and we can work together on your request.  


You want to reach your Goals
You want more from life
You know you have more to offer
You want to find your Mojo
You want to be a success
You have dreams of a better life
You feel stuck in a Rut
You don't know where to start
You need help to progress


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I have an Online Drumming School with some very interesting Courses. The courses are normally for beginners and I teach participants many basic rules of hand Drumming and beginner level Rhythms. I also teach how to read Box Notation at these workshops to help people to learn many Rhythms from Drum books that are written using this method. (box notation is a very easy way to learn how to play Drum Rhythms which most Drum books use today) This is a must workshop for complete beginners, and a great place to start your Drumming Journey. I supply all drums if you don't have your own.

My most popular workshop at this level is called THE COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO DRUM CIRCLE PARTICIPATION (Now only an online course). Please subscribe to my newsletter to get all information about upcoming workshops.


Please check out my online School for courses on DRUMMING FOR WELLNESS and DRUMMING THE I CHING (more will be added in the coming months)  


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