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Are you frustrated with your current life?

Do you feel you are being held back?

Do you feel you have more potential?

Have you lost your self-belief?

Do you want more from life?

Have you goals you want to reach?

If this sounds like you, then why not become a



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LIFEPLANNERS is a new and innovative Group Coaching initiative... a club or programme designed to help people rediscover their lives again, and start a  journey of transition to finally realise their Goals. When you join LIFEPLANNERS you become an affiliate of a group of special people who are all on the journey of a lifetime…the journey to Success.

This group, or circle of people, are made up of people who are all seeking progression in life. They all share a desire to go beyond the norm, to reach levels of achievement ordinary people would never even contemplate. It’s a club for winners. Members of LIFEPLANNERS want more from life than they are getting, and they do something about it…they embrace ACTION!

Members meet weekly for one and a half hours of discussion/debate/support, with occasional visiting Personal Development Leaders who will facilitate inspiring workshops as part of the LIFEPLANNERS programme (think Slimmingworld for Success Seekers)

  These sessions are led by a professional Life Coach, and designed to ignite motivation, inspiration, emotional and physical energy, and be a space where like-minded people can share ideas, encourage and support each other on their life changing journey. They also engage in some relaxing meditation, and learn to use affirmations and visualisation, and how to incorporate the power of belief into their daily lives.

During the LIFEPLANNERS programme, each member also has a weekly private 30 minute phone or skype Life Coaching session with a professional Life Coach to address their own personal challenge/s, and to receive action based “homework” undertakings for the following week. 

Being a member of LIFEPLANNERS means you will never be the same “regular” person again…never! You will now be a person of “ACTION”…a no nonsense “doer”. You will be a member of a group of winners who MAKE things happen for themselves instead of just talking about it day after day, week after week, month after month and yes, year after year.

 We have all kinds of clubs, gyms, societies, groups and so on for everything from keeping fit to losing weight, or healing practices such as yoga or mindfulness, however this club is not for losing weight, it’s for gaining SUCCESS…it’s not for keeping physically fit, but for keeping PERMANENTLY POSITIVE about what you can achieve in your lifetime…

So, come JOIN our club NOW! Stop talking and start walking the walk. Do it for yourself. You know you have so much more aptitude and flair hidden inside you that if released could elevate you to a level of happiness and success that up to now was unthinkable. Trust me, you can do it…JOIN us now and I will prove it to you….or should I say, I will help you prove it to yourself. Promise yourself that from now on you are a person of ACTION… Contacting me NOW will be your first step… I’m here to help...that's my job as an Empowerment/Law of Attraction Life Coach. Let's do it!

Cheers, Eddie.     

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