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What can i do for you?

Hi Guys,

Firstly, thank you for coming to read this page. I guess you're on a quest  for personal change or you would not be here, Right? Well, that's just fine because that is what I do...that is my job. I help people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

If you feel you have more to give, or that you are going round in circles but don't know how or where to start...I can help. I can support you all the way, and help you transform yourself into a winner. I am an Empowerment expert...I can lift your Energy and Self-Belief so high you will believe you can fly. I am a professional Life Coach and also a certified Drum Circle Facilitator. I have combined both of these Skills to design innovative trainings, workshops and courses for Personal and Professional Growth. I use my drumming to Empower and Energize my clients and to help them be Creative using (RCP) my Rhythm Connection Practice Method. The drumming also helps to bond clients together in my group Coaching trainings, and helps to provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement

I know what it is like to be lost...not sure where to go from here...feeling I have more to give if only I knew how. Believe me I was that soldier and I wore that t-shirt. I worked hard, got myself back on the road to fulfillment and happiness, and yes I can do the same for you.

My Coaching helps propel you into a new life...the life you want...the life you deserve...the life that's waiting for you if only you begin to believe and take some action. Through my Coaching I will Inspire you into positive achievement... I will Uplift your spirit to help you believe you can do it...I will Create order in your thinking and clear your head of the fog that's blinding you...I will Alter your negative perceptions...I will Establish a way forward for you...I will Provide endless support to your mission...I will Give 100% of my professional skills to our relationship...I will Boost your morale by 200%...I will Change your attitude towards winning...I will Transform any negative perceptions you might have...yes all this I will do with your permission and imput.

So, please have a look around my website and get a feel for what I do and how I do it, and please contact me with any questions you might have. If there are any trainings you fancy please use the booking buttons. I am here to help at all times so don't be shy to ask. Enjoy your browse around my site and please subscribe for updates about my work and trainings.  God bless for now.  Eddie.

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