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Eddie O Neill

Owner Director


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Hi Guys,

Firstly, thank you for coming to read this page. I guess you're on a quest  for Team Wellness or Transformation ideas... Right? Well, that's just fine because that is what I do... I provide a service that helps Groups to get together and share some time of total Relaxation, Wellness, Bonding and Fun.

If you are organising (or thinking of organising) any kind of Wellness based programme for your Team or Group, then why not consider a selection of Workshops from my list below?  I provide innovative Wellness / Recreational programmes with a difference, from one hour workshops to whole day experiences that your team will absolutely love...and thank you for.

At my One Day Corporate Wellness and Recreation Programmes your Team will experience and enjoy workshop/s of your selection from the following:

  • Recreational Drumming Circle

  • Sound Healing Workshop

  • Mindfulness Drumming Workshop

  • Drumming for Wellness Workshop

  • Drumming the I CHING (Chinese Oracle)

  • Conducting the Corporate Orchestra (Leadership Training)

The Benefits to you and your Team include;

  •  A fantastic Team day out to Relax and Re-energize away from the work environment
  • A chance for the whole Team to Bond

  • A time for all Team Members to discover the effects of Holistic Activities

  • A day for everyone to offload some Personal stress and /or baggage

  • Everyone will enjoy and appreciate a day out together that is different from the usual physical and familiar Teambuilding activities.

  • All participants will leave feeling less stressed and more energized.

  • The Wellness effects will last for a considerable time, helping to keep stress and burnout in your workplace at bay.


Everyone knows by now the importance of Workplace Wellness. Life is so different now than it was even 10 years ago. The internet is full of articles and information about the enormity of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and general Mental Health issues people are facing today...and Corporate life is awash with this problem. Every Corporate business MUST have some Health/Wellness plan in place for the Wellbeing of their staff...period!

My programmes can be a part of your Plan. So, why not give me a call to discuss your ideas. I would love to chat with you to discuss the possibility of working together as part of your Employees Wellbeing and Mental Health.

You can call me on 087 9151134, or better still just fill in the form below and I will get right back to you. Let me help you to help your Employees.






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