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Hi again Everyone.

In this February blog I want to discuss one of the terrible twins... "FEAR"

What are you afraid of? You could say snakes, spiders, tigers, being in the dark, driving in the snow, public speaking, death, your boss, becoming homeless...there are millions more. However I'm not talking about these kind of tangible fears, I'm talking about fear of the unknown...fear of the future...fear of things that may not ever happen. These are the kind of fears that cripple us day in and day out. Fear is becoming more prevalent with each coming year, and it's the hidden cause of many of our ailments today. But what are we really afraid of?

I said earlier that we can be afraid of the unknown, but what exactly is that? If it's unknown then it doesn't exist does it? So what's going on here? Well, I believe this is connected to the subject of my last blog, which was thinking positively. Yes, when we are afraid of the unknown we are using our default mindset and thinking negatively. We are contemplating some outcome in the future and believing it is going to be negative, so we go into the "fear" zone. There is no need for this, absolutely none.

Remember firstly that fear is a thought. Also remember that you are human and you have some attributes that other animals and plant life don't have, and that's reasoning and choice. You can choose to be fearful or not, it's up to you. However what's the point? Why not use some reasoning and choose to not be afraid of the outcome, because you believe it will work out well?

Here's an example. Suppose you are going to do your driving test next week ok? Now you are going to be nervous of course, but that's fine, that's natural. In fact it can be good to have a little nervous energy to get your adrenaline pumping. Now your going to be thinking a lot all this week about your test right? Now please remember this, you are going to pass or fail you test either way, no matter how you think about it. But here's the thing. If you forget about fear and spend the week thinking "I will pass this test" you will have a stress free week...even if you fail you test. Whether you pass or fail your test will depend on how well you have prepared for it...not on whether you worried about it or not. Ok, if you fail you will feel bad for a day or so, but not stressed. You will be mad, and say I am going to work harder next time and pass this thing. But you did not waste a full week (or even longer) fearing and stressing over it. On the other other hand if you pass your test, you would have worried all that time for nothing...what was the point? You see, fear is just a thought that has no real beneficial aspects to it at all. It is a negative activity with no rewards.

Don't ever let fear stop you from doing anything. Your assignment this month is to buy a copy of Susan Jeffers book "Feel the fear, and do it anyway" Read it from cover to cover and you will never be afraid to live life as you want to again. If you already have the book then open it again and read it through. Fear is like a bully, if you stand up to it, it will run away. That's what bullies do. They are weak...and so is fear.

Next time I want to talk about the other terrible twin "Guilt" ..but until then get the book and start working on ridding fear from your life, and you will start to see positive things happen all around you. And even during the times that are less successful (and there will be times) you will not suffer from unnecessary worry and stress. Start today.

God bless for now,


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