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To support is to Trust...

The support in Group Drumming

Hello dear friends,

This week I want to talk about how group drumming can help make us trust ourselves more, makes us feel safe and full of confidence. What I am talking about is not a single person journey it comes from the energy of the entire group...

Let me explain, in group drumming sessions I always focus on the importance of having patience and being supportive with each other. This is something I focus on because when we feel safe we have no reason to fear and when we don't fear, we open our hearts... I've had some very intense emotional moments in my drumming groups and it normally starts when people become vulnerable and focus only on themselves. They need to move their trust to the group, and when that happens connections start to happen.

We need safety and certainty in our lives, it helps us to not lose energy and to be capable of focusing on the things that matter to us...For some of the people I've had in my drumming sessions, it was really hard to open up. Indeed sometimes we let our fears and lack of confidence guide us...And exactly when that happens I always see the power of group drumming. People start to come in with support, to encourage and offer guidance to others.. When I think about it I'm smiling because when people feel that somebody is there for them they feel supported and important.

Having a common goal is one of the reasons people stick together. In drumming the goal is simple, each person needs to synchronize with the rest of the drummers to reach the same rhythm and let their energy out. If somebody in the group doesn't feel safe the connection is lost... Group drumming is a perfect example of what being united stands for. It's also a great exercise for people to learn that they can trust each other and feel safe in doing something that maybe they never have done before.

With this comes also the benefits of having a group united. They for sure will be more careful and warm with each other. I dare to say that even people that have anxiety can be helped by group drumming. I've seen this on numerous occasions of how people can change their mindset and understand that the fear of vulnerability they feel is just that...a feeling. Support is always just a beat away.

Building trust takes so much time, and sometimes we lose it so fast...Still, group drumming is a great way of seeing the social dynamics of people. We learn to trust each other, we learn to have faith and to be supportive when those around us are in need.

I always mention in my group drumming sessions that if we trust and feel safe with so many people around us that we don't even know very well... what is stopping us from taking it to the outside world, or our workplace?

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