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I don't know about you, but I am starting to feel the cold these days. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing to be honest. On the one hand I hate being cold, on the other hand there is something very nice about nature at this time of year. I love to walk in the woods with all the falling leaves casting amazing colors , and crisping under my feet...and the sound of almost frozen water clashing against the rocks and stones. The sun casting crazy shadows through the tall trees, and blinding my vision for split seconds as I try to avoid the dead branches on the pathway. Wrapped up nice and cozy, the cold air just bounces off my winter thermal jacket and wooly hat. I love the feel of the cold fresh air on my's so refreshing.

Yep, the Rhythm of Autumn has come around yet again. The wonders of Nature. How it understands the importance and power of Rhythm. Nature can teach us so many lessons, and one of those lessons is how to appreciate the wonderful effectiveness of Rhythm. How to wait. How to have faith that it (whatever IT is) will come. How Rhythm will show the way, if we can only trust. How everything works by the laws of Rhythm, and how Rhythm creates order from chaos. Yes, Nature knows it well. From the tides on the sea, to the passing of day and night. From the growth of the plants and trees, to the spinning of the Earth. We are all using this power every day...unnoticed.

What a great pity that we are running so fast that we are out running the wonderful natural Rhythms of Nature...would you agree? Why? What is our hurry? Why are we speeding up everything we get our hands on, and pushing ourselves to the limits of human capacity. What's the point? We were born to live in Rhythm with Nature. But now it seems that Nature is moving too slow for us. Why can't we understand that there is only so fast we can do any task...fact! Try it for yourself. Will a flower grow any quicker if we start to pull it up after two weeks? Will sunrise come any quicker if we try to push it? Will the leaves start to fall from the trees in Summer if we cannot wait for Autumn? I don't think so. We will just have to wait.

But that's our biggest problem now...we cannot wait.

Rhythm is our constant companion helping us to organize and structure our time, movements, health, social and personal life, our work and recreational activities and of course our environmental and spiritual life's. We are all human Rhythmical machines. We need to take more care of our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly Rhythm patterns. We need to create flow in all our undertakings. A great way to do this is to start with reconnecting with the Rhythms of nature. Watch them...feel them...hear them. Nothing can exist without Rhythm. Try to become more Rhythmically aware...think how would you survive from day to day without the influence of Rhythm? Think of the role Rhythm plays in your everyday life. Think of how Rhythm keeps you alive by giving flow and tempo to your biological make-up...everything from your breathing and heartbeat, to your digestive system and blood-flow.

It's time to pay more attention to the important role Rhythm plays in how we live our lives, and in how the whole world works. One of the best ways to get acquainted with Rhythm is through Hand Drumming. I know most people never even think about all of this...they think "what is this guy talking about" Most people associate Rhythm with music only...nonsense...Rhythm is a huge part of life, and to thrive, be healthy and well adjusted, I recommend exploring ways to bring a form of Rhythm (Flow) and proper tempo into your life. There are many ways to do this. Start by getting closer to Nature and study how it uses Rhythm to operate and control everything. Also, think about how you might bring a little Rhythm into your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines. Rhythm is Natural and Free! Use it.

The great philosopher, spiritualist and founder of the Sufi order in the West, Hazrat Inayat Khan says “Harmonious forms are manifestations of a “Right” rhythm, and inharmonious forms are manifestations of a disorder in Rhythm. The whole universe is a single mechanism working by the “Law of Rhythm”. If there were no rhythm, if it were not for the law of rhythm, we would not have distinct forms of intelligible conditions”

The Rhythms of Nature

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