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Take a look in the Mirror...

Hi and welcome,

Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. It's intended for all those people who are following my advice on personal development for 2019, however it's a great read for anybody interested in taking their life to the next level, and making some progress towards realising their goals and dreams. You can join in anytime, and follow my advice and suggestions...I hope you do.

Incase you are not familiar with the process it's very simple. Let me quickly explain. Every day I give a short message on my facebook page This is just a reminder and little motivator. Then once every week I write my blog with suggestions and exercises for you to follow and complete to help you on your way to success (whatever that may be for you.) long as you stay with the programme and don't give's up to you really.

So, let's get started. On my very first facebook post I talked about your "self image" and this is a great place to fact the only place to start. We are constantly trying to sell ourselves to the world, and if we are not sure about ourselves and our abilities, then we will have a very hard job trying to sell ourselves to anybody. It's like a salesman trying to sell a product door to door that he just does not believe in...impossible.

We can form a very bad self image at a very young age, and it sticks with us throughout our lives...unless we check it, and adjust it. Often our self image is formed from things people say to us, or do to us when we are young. If we are told by a teacher in school when we are 8 years old that we cannot spell, for instance, then we believe this is engraved in our subconscious. So, unless we deal with this, it will always be there, and as far as we are concerned it is is a fact. But of course it isn't.

We hear people saying all the time things like " I can't sing" I can't dance" I'm no good at maths" I'm terrible with money" and all kinds of similar things, but this is only because somewhere along the path of their life they were told these things, or they came to that conclusion themselves because something didn't work out for them. We carry these thoughts with us throughout our life...needlessly. The true fact is you are capable of doing gigantic just don't believe it...yet.

So, here's an exercise for you. Take a look at yourself in your mirror at home and ask yourself the following questions;

1. Who am I really? (not your name)

2. What is my purpose in this World?

3. What are my values?

4. Am I living by those values?

5. Am I the person I really want to be?

6. What false beliefs am I carrying around about myself?

7. Where did these beliefs come from?

8. How are they holding you back in life?

9. What can you do to change them?

10. When are you going to start?

Write the answers to these questions in your notebook or journal, and keep them. Later you may need to go back to them.

You must boost your self confidence in order to set out on a journey of personal improvement/development...period. I don't want you to become "cocky" or "arrogant" that is not what we mean here, and you must understand the difference. I mean I want you to be more comfortable with who you are...your personality. Don't pretend to be somebody else because you think that is what other people want. What other people want is their business, it's not of your concern. Don't try to fake it.

When you have all the answers to the above questions, study them. Look closely at them and ask yourself, is this true? Is this the right answer? If not, change it. You must be honest at all times to help yourself progress in life. Ask yourself what you like about the answers, what you don't like, what has to change, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and when you are going to do it...put a time on it.

You may be lucky. You may be a person who has a lot of confidence, and you have little work to do in this area...great! Or you may have a lot of work to do...only you can judge that. And if your honest, you will see right in front of you what has to be done...then just get on with it. Don't leave it! People with low self confidence seldom get very far in life. That's a sad thing to say, but it's true. If you have low self confidence people will see through you, take advantage of you and manipulate you...believe me. Don't let this happen to you. You are about to set out on this journey of a lifetime. A journey that will take you to heights you never thought you could reach. You are going to need to be a very solid person to do this, and the pillars and foundation that will hold you up throughout will be a strong self image. So, get to the mirror right now, and start forming that rock hard solid foundation... it's up to you!

Please leave comments below (you may need to sign up...takes a minute) Ask for information, advice, support or just make general comments. It is important to let me know what you think and to share what you feel. Thank you.

God bless for now,


Ps...please share this blog with friends...cheers!

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