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Release the Beast...

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Hi guys,

I lost my Mum recently. Her 2nd year anniversary is coming up in September. Gosh, it was a quick 2 years...very quick. Most of what happened from the moment my brother called me to inform me "she had gone" to this day, has been a blur. I guess I just went through the motions like the rest of my family. Organizing this and that...trying to find time to grieve...trying to make sense of what is happening...questioning what is life all about anyway? There's nothing more powerful than death to make us realize how to live.

This is not a post about my Mum, she was a quite private lady, and now she's gone...and may she rest in peace. No, this is a post about life. Have you ever thought about how short it is...really? It's a flash! In the great scheme of things we have very little time here to make a difference, to have any effect, to reach any kind of fulfillment. Very often by the time we understand what we where put here to's too late to do it. What were you put here to do? Do you know? Do you care? Do you even believe that we are all put on earth for a certain reason...or do you believe we're all just improvising day by day, doing our best to get by?

Well I don't know for sure about you, but I believe we all have some kind of mission. I don't mean that somebody or something else gave us this mission (God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence....whatever you wish to call it) I believe we discover this mission ourselves. When we accumulate all our life's experiences and lessons we kind of come to a realization, or a comprehension that something/s matter to us more than anything else. We even sometimes wonder where it came from, because it wasn't there last year, or any of the years before. It just seems to jump out at us at some point, and we wish it had come sooner. The only problem is it couldn't have come sooner because we were not ready...we did not have the experience, we were not prepared, we were still immature in some area of your life.

Perhaps some people are lucky, and they reach this understanding earlier than most, and they can get on with completing their mission in time to enjoy it's that Success in business, Personal Achievement of some kind, Helping Others, Health, Wealth or whatever. However, it seems to me that most of us feel we have to wait too long for this AHA! moment. Why is this? I meet people all the time through my Coaching practice who say the same thing..."why didn't I realize this before?" " why is it always too late?" I tell them it's only too late if you believe it's too late. I ask them "why do you say it's too late?" I often say something like "perhaps it's better that you only realize it are much more equipped to deal with it now, to take it forward"

We make less and less mistakes as we get older (or at least we should). We are wiser, more knowledgeable, more clever...been there done that sort of it stands to reason that this is the best time to bring your mission into focus, and begin to fulfill your scratch your complete your assignment. I'm not talking about you career here, no, that's your "job" that's how you pay your bills. It could of course be connected to your career (if you're lucky) but more than likely it's's something completely different. It's something inside of you that just won't let go, no matter what you do. I hope you understand what I mean. Have you got this "prisoner" locked up inside of you that's screaming to be released? If so, maybe it's time to look for the key and "Release the Beast"

I don't know if my Mum ever found and completed her "Mission"...I never asked her, but I doubt she did. She was always too busy looking after other people, making sure the bills were paid, or something to that affect. However, I've no doubt she had a "prisoner" us all...but every time she went looking for the "key", life got in the way. We all only have so much time here to fulfill our release our scratch our itch. When the time is right, you will know it...don't let it pass. Go for it like you never went for anything before. William Shakespeare once said "I wasted Time, and now doth Time waste me"... Maybe it's your time now?


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