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Only you can decide...

Hi again all,

In this blog I want to talk about something very, very important...Positive thinking. Now, I know we hear a lot about this subject almost everyday, however most people don't pay a blind bit of notice to it...Why? Well, let me give you my take on it. What I have discovered through my research and experiences is that our default mindset is negative...all of us. This is a strange but very true fact. We are wired to expect the worst in almost every situation we find ourselves in. Surely this is not what life's meant to be like.

I have heard it said that this negative way of thinking is a natural state of mind we are born with to help us avoid harmful situations...I don't swallow that one for a moment. I even heard people say that it protects us and keeps us from making wrong decisions...rubbish I think. I don't go for any of this stuff, it's only excuses for not doing anything and staying in our comfort zones. I believe negativity is the result of our experiences along our life path. From the day we are born, people, places, situations and happenings shape our thoughts and perceptions. Because of this we get a lot of wrong information drummed into our minds. Negative information. We transfer all the information we pick up in our conscious mind to our subconscious mind, and there it stays forever...or until we decide to change it.

You see, our subconscious mind believes everything it is told...everything...good or bad, positive or negative, and it perceives it as fact. So, it goes without saying that we must be extremely careful what we implant in our subconscious mind. Whatever is believed by our subconscious mind becomes our reality. If we believe for instance that we will fail our driving test tomorrow, and we have convinced our subconscious mind of will become so...believe me. Our subconscious mind is the driver of our reality, and whatever we plant in there decides whether we have positive or negative outcomes.

We humans are a very complex species. Life does not just happen to us...we control what happens to us by the thoughts we have, and by what we say when we talk to ourselves. Self talk is so important. What you perceive to be true and implant in your mind will determine whether your glass is half full, or half empty. It should be obvious by now what the main message in this blog is...have you got it?

Yes, the message is to always, under every situation and circumstance think Positively. Simple? Well not least not for most people. I work with people all the time in my workshops and courses that could change their whole life, defeat their obstacle or overcome their challenges, all in a matter of days in some cases...if only they could change their default mindset from negative to positive, but they find this sooooo hard to do. Why? I believe it's because they have become trapped in the circle of negative thinking, and therefore continually attract negative results. What you think about, you become. No matter how hard you work, how smart you are, how much of an expert you are on your makes no difference...if you think negatively, you will get negative results.

I want you from now on to always be positive...always. No matter what the situation is, or how difficult it may seem to see things working out for you, just say to yourself "this will work out for the best" or words to that effect. The universe has a mysterious way of attracting to you what you believe will happen...good or bad. Just believe it, and leave it. Visualise the end result you desire in you mind. Feel how you would feel when you get the desired result. Use affirmations if that helps, however always affirm that your desired result has already come about. For instance, if we take the driving test example from above, believe without any doubt that you will pass. Don't entertain any thoughts of it not happening the way you want it to. Visualise the driving instructor handing you your pass certificate...hear him say "well done, you have passed"...picture the big smile on your face. Visualise telling your friends and family that you have passed your test, and see their reaction. It takes some practice to do this, however you will get better and better as you continue to do it. Don't give up.

Ok, so here is your assignment for this blog. It's easy, with no writing answers or that kind of thing. I want you to think of sometime you hope will happen in the next week or so, and practice what I have said above. It can be anything, however I would suggest you start small ( I doubt you will have enough experience to win the lotto in one week..however many people have used this method to win lottos and other prizes and competitions) Try something small first like, getting over a flu you may have, finding that parking spot everyday, the weather will be good for your game of golf, a letter you've been waiting on will arrive, someone you fancy will say "hi" to you...whatever, just keep it small at first until you get good at this.

Right, off you go now and start to think of something you want to happen before my next blog next week. I would love to know how you got on, so please let me know either way what your experience has been. Remember, we are all in this together, so if you have a positive result it will help other readers to see that this can work, and give them the confidence to try again if it does not work for them first time. Ok?

Only you can change your default mindset, and change from being negative to being positive. Keep your glass half full at all times. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing how you got on.

God bless for now,


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