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Corporate Wellness Sessions...So why the Drums?

Updated: May 20

Welcome everybody,

In this issue of my blog post I want to explain about how and why I use my Drumming Circles in my Corporate Wellness workshops/sessions. Please get involved and make comments. Let me know your views on Wellness / Empowerment / Drumming and anything connected with Group Development / Growth. I love to know how you all feel about certain issues and topics. My main interests are Personal and Group Development... and how the Power of Drumming / Rhythm can provide this. But what is the connection between Drumming and Wellness Development? Please enjoy the read, and let me know your thoughts and comments.

When deciding what to chat about today, I decided to take a look at a question that some people have asked me about my programmes for Corporate Wellness...using Drumming. A number of people do not understand where the drums come in.  What are they for?...what do they do?  So, let me try to explain a little about this concept of providing Group Wellness and Development, using Drumming.

Firstly, it's not Drumming lessons. That is a different thing altogether. In my programmes I use the Drums for "Rhythm Connection" Let me explain. In this world we all live in, Rhythm plays a huge part. In fact nothing works without the amazing and mysterious power of Rhythm. Everything needs a sense of Rhythm to operate properly, to work properly, to function properly...and so do we as humans. Yes, we operate day to day like rhythmical machines, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually...or at least we are suppose to. When we are well (holistically) we are in Rhythm...all the parts of our lives are working well and synchronised. By this I mean we have no physical pain, no emotional problems, no social insecurities or spiritual doubts. We are in rhythm, and entrained to the Rhythms and tempo of nature and the universe.

When we wish to take on any task or undertaking in life, we must be in least to do it properly. There is a correct and appropriate Rhythm or "Zone" to be in for any given task. This may not be realized or even understood at the time...I mean it's not exactly something people ask themselves every day "am I in the right Rhythm for this task?" however, when you are in the right Rhythm (Zone) you will know it.

Perhaps you may even remember a time when you felt this way. You felt nothing could go wrong, everything was lined up perfectly, things were so easy to do and everything was so clear. Do you know what I mean? Has this happened to you? This is what I call Rhythm Connection...everything is Rhythmically connected.

Now, if you decide to go for some kind of Group Development Programme...any kind of Development, Wellness, Recreational, Creative, Spiritual... you will need to make sure you are in the right Rhythm for it. You will need to understand that Development is a process...a Rhythm...just like anything else, and you must connect with this rhythmical "flow" in order to "drift" along with the process and stay synchronized with it. You will need to be "Rhythmically Tuned" holistically also to free yourself from any distractions that might force you "off" Rhythm, and into a situation of "dis-harmony" with the process. This happens in all aspects of life, like playing sports, working with people, socializing with people, having relationships with people and just everyday normal living functions like driving your car or using your laptop or cooking your dinner. There is a natural "flow" and "tempo" to all these undertakings, and when you find it, you will know it.

So, this is where the Drumming comes in to play in my Programmes...we Drum to create Rhythm Connection. When we Drum, we holistically "entrain". All our functions line up and become "One" and we operate at our maximum capacity. We are more creative, more awakened and more alert than at any other time, and we are ready to take anything on and Succeed! When we do this on a regular basis, it becomes part of us and we stay in Rhythm for longer periods. Focus and concentration become automatic and we can see the way forward to reaching our goals as an easy, relaxed and tranquil journey.

But there's more. Group Drumming has been used for hundreds of years to Empower, Uplift and Energize people. Corporate Training is a time of transformation, a time for change, a time to learn how to take risks and leave comfort zones and work in Sync with your work colleagues. How can this possibly be done if we are not energized and empowered? Group Drumming creates all peer support. In a group Drumming situation you will feel Empowered like never before. You will find energy you never thought you had...a strange kind of universal Energy that carries you forward on a surfboard of Rhythm. Amazingly Group Drumming has a mysterious way of being very uplifting while at the same time so relaxing, and we use this gift to accompany Affirmations and Visualization exercises, and to release tension and negative baggage, concerns, anxieties and uncertainties.

So there you go. I hope you now have a better understanding as to why I use my Drumming in my Corporate Programme sessions. It all makes sense when you think about it really. Oh, and did I mention...DRUMMING IS LOT'S OF FUN!

Till next time, God bless.


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