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Group Drumming and teamwork.

Group drumming in Team building

I have always been impressed by what amazing things people can do together. Human beings have been working in teams for a very long time, we built everything that we see around us.... Even in group drumming, through cooperation, we manage to create those moments that we enjoy so much.

Personally, every time I am involved in a team building activity, I always stress how important communication and leadership are in a company....Communication might just be the fastest way to achieve something as a group. This is because if we understand what each member of the group needs or wants we can become aligned and get closer to the final goal that a team might have set.

Group drumming is a perfect example of how the dynamics of a worthy goal function. We communicate in order to learn, to help other team members. In the end we all need to be synced in order for the magic to happen. If we are not aligned the sound will not be synced. On this note if we compare it with the dynamics of a company the principle is the same... if the teams are not aligned, the goals that are set will not be obtained fully.

So what can we learn from this? How can group drumming help a team grow in a company?

I already mentioned the idea of communication. I am going to continue on this line as in my view communication is the gateway to success. The better we are capable of explaining what we need or want the more we increase the chances of that happening. Imagine how it would be... a day at your job where every single person speaks a language that no one else speaks. Just imagine for a starting to understand what I am talking about?

Cooperation is also something that happens in my drumming group sessions. Usually it helps by bringing new traits that team members didn't know about each other. It's a great way of improving their relationships and making them more aware of the diversity within their team, and how each person can impact the team dynamics.

I also make sure that leadership skills are always present in my group drumming sessions. I say this because good leadership and communication are essential to a productive and happy workforce. Bad communication comes from bad leadership, and this all leads to confusion, frustration, lack of interest and very low morale. There are moments when people take the lead, they introduce a new rhythm or they help somebody perform a certain part of the session.... I can honestly say that whether in the drum circle or in the office, leadership plays an important role in the team dynamic.

These are the three main pillars that I believe are the foundation of a successful group endeavour. Cooperation, Communication and Leadership. It's a great way of balancing a team, discovering any needs or tensions and resolving them. In the end, a team that communicates and cooperates better through good Leadership will bring better and faster results.

In conclusion, we as human beings....are wired to communicate. If we don't communicate fully we get chaos. This is why we need order and flow through better understanding and that through Drum Beats, or workplace cooperation.

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