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Collective Power...

Updated: Mar 7

Hi all,

Wow!, I must say this stay at home biz is really hitting me at the about you? I know it has to be done, and it will end sometime, but at the moment each hour feels like a day, and every day feels like a week. I suppose the good news is that we can all collectively speed up the process of returning to normality by doing what we are asked to do my the medical experts and governments, but what if there were other ways we could do collectively to speed up this process?

We are all staying at home (hopefully) and keeping our social distance, so it might seem hard for us to imagine doing anything together collectively... but i have an idea! One way we might come together could be spiritually... or through a collective energy. Now this may sound odd or strange to some people, however it is a practice that is not really that unusual. We sometimes do this through prayer, or sometimes maybe through visioning , or maybe even collectively evoking a spiritual energy. A great example of this is a yearly drumming circle ritual that's held worldwide as a powerful force in an attempt to eradicate cancer. It's called Drum Strong, and it happens every May. Drumming groups from all over the world come together at the same time (might be 5am for some people depending where you live) and they drum for 24 hours...sending out a wave of rhythmical energy from every curve of the earth with an powerful intention riding on that energy to fight cancer. I suggest we do something similar with this COVID 19 virus. This is how it might work.

Firstly let me point out that unlike Drum Strong (where we drum in groups) in this case because of our current situation, we drum alone. "But I don't have a drum" I hear you problem, you can drum on your lap, your table, a hardback book cover or whatever you like. It's not the sound that's important in this instance, it's the Rhythm. So, what are we going to drum? I'm sure you're wondering. Well, we are going to drum the rhythmic pattern of hexagram 7 from the I Ching (pronounced, ee Ching) which is the Chinese "Book of Change". If you don't know what this is (and perhaps most of you won't) don't doesn't matter...Just follow my instructions and drum along.

Here is a very very quick synopsis of what the I Ching (Book of Change) is. The I Ching is a Chinese belief system regarding the workings of reality....or of how the universe operates. It involves "Yin and Yang" (polar opposites) . Yin and Yang pulsate within all things and situations, and are the moving force of nature and all its manifestations. It's a belief that all things were born of Rhythm, and it is Rhythm that holds everything together. The I Ching is an Oracle that we consult when we need guidance or direction regarding a particular issue, problem or challenge. At the end of the consulting process (which is too long to explain here) we are presented with a Hexagram pattern which contains six lines..some broken, some unbroken. There are 64 hexagrams in all. Each Hexagram contains a message that we must interpret to decide on what action to take. As we drum our Hexagram pattern, we concentrate on the issue at hand, and over time the answer or solution to our request will follow. For the purpose of our endeavor today we are going to skip the consulting component, and go straight to Hexagram 7 which is "Collective Power". We will drum this Hexagram pattern with the intention of destroying this evil virus, and pushing it out of our existence.

So below I have inserted a video showing you exactly what to do. Just follow the instructions, concentrate, believe... and remember what the I Ching says, "The entire universe is created through vibration, and can be influenced through vibration.

Thank you, and enjoy the Drumming.


6______ ______ ta ta

5______ ______ ta ta

4______ ______ ta ta

3______ ______ ta ta

2______________ dum

1______ ______ ta ta

drum from the bottom up

PS. Perhaps when this is all over you might like to attend one of my

"Drumming the I Ching" workshops. Let me know if you are interested.

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