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Your Health is your Wealth...

Hi again all you success seekers,

Well I hope you are all up and running with this programme, and that you have done all the assignments from last weeks blog. It's very important that you stick with the programme and follow it every week. If nothing else, it will help you to get a much closer look at exactly where you are in life right now, and perhaps help you to make a decision as to whether you need to change...what to change...when to change...want to change and so on. I understand that if you are following this programme then that is a sign that you really want to make changes, and that you are using this programme to help you decide what changes you need to make, and get some advice and support in doing so.

Please do the assignment each week. They are only questions, and don't take too long to answer. Also, please keep all your answers in a notebook or journal, and refer back to them every now and then to see how things are shaping up.

In this blog I want to talk about your health...or lack of it. Before we take on this journey of self improvement we must first get into shape. Last week I spoke about your self-confidence and suggested some questions you might ask yourself about that area of your life (I hope you did this). Now it's your health health I want you to question...your Holistic health.

Your Holistic health is your physical, emotional, phycological, social and spiritual health. It all matters. There is not much point in been very physically healthy and fit, if you are suffering heavy depression and are an emotional wreck. Likewise, there is no point in been fantastic in social situations, if you have no spiritual awareness or intentions. There are all linked. Fall down in one of these areas, and you will inevitably bring down another area. Now, I don't believe that there is anyone alive that is 100% Holistically healthy...that is about impossible. However, we need to be well up there in our ratings in each area to be in a fit overall state to take our lives to the next level of development.

Here is your assignment for this week. It's very easy actually.

On a scale of 1 to 10...1 being very unhealthy...10 being extremely healthy, answer the following questions ;

1. How healthy are you PHYSICALLY?

2. How healthy are you EMOTIONALLY?

3. How healthy are you PSYCHOLOGICALLY?

4. How healthy are you SOCIALLY?

5. How healthy are you SPIRITUALLY?


Now do this for me. Look to see which of the above has the highest (or best) number. Now add 1 to this number. Your aim is to get all the areas to that number. EXAMPLE .. If your highest number was a 6 for say your Physical Health, then add 1 to this which is 7. Now your task is to get all the health areas of your life to a 7 out of 10.

How you do this is up to you. You maybe able to do lots of the work yourself, or you may need some help from a mentor, life/spiritual coach, counselor or fitness coach. Do what you believe is right for you...but do it. I would suggest starting off by uplifting yourself with positive affirmations about each area, and believing that you can do it. Visualise it all been done, see yourself as a nice 7 in each area. Feel how it would feel to be that Holistically healthy and fit.

Remember, you cannot succeed in pursuit without being healthy. You cannot help yourself or any other person for that matter. So, you know what to do...go do it. NOW!

Chat next week,

Best of luck,


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