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Thrive in the Chaos...

Hi all,

Are you getting through this crazy time ok? I hope so. All this virus stuff has come out of the blue...and hit us hard. Many people are dazed, and lost. In a period of one month people have lost their jobs, been let off work indefinitely, told to avoid contact with other people (even family members in some cases) no social contact or entertainment, work from home, keep children at home...and on and on.. This is truly Chaos .

So, how do we deal with chaos? Especially chaos at this level. Well, I have a few suggestions for you if you read on.

Number 1. Don't panic.. and put things in perspective. You may be worrying about loss of income, work, your business, even your home....that's the way our brain works. Unfortunately we are wired with a negative mindset...fight or flight. Our first thoughts are always the negative ones. Fear. Now, don't forget fear is just a worry about what MIGHT happen in the future. It's a perceived vision...not real. None of us know what will happen in the future. Chances are you will get through this. Firstly, follow all the advice coming from your health know the drill now...wash distancing etc. But also try this. Practice visualization. At least once a day (more if you can) take time to yourself, relax, and visualize everything working out ok...the way you want it to. See it, feel it, smell it, hear it. Believe it.

Number 2. Get your breathing together. Take deep breaths... right down into your belly. If you want to use one of my drumming exercises, intake a breath for 6 beats...hold it for the next 4 beats... then release it for the next 8 beats. Even if you don't have a drum, you can drum on your lap, or a table, or your steering wheel if you are driving. Do it over and over until you feel more relaxed. Repeat throughout the day whenever you feel tense or anxious.

Number 3. Use affirmations. You can do this also with your drum if you wish...or without. Make up your own short affirmations. Something like " I beat the virus" or " Things have worked out fine". Make up your own. If your using your drum, just say the words, and play the words...simple. Drumming the words is great because it "Drums" the words into your body and brain, and your whole "being" vibrates to the Rhythm of the words and the sentence. It is very powerful.

Number 4. This one is for the drummers. I want you to make up your own Rhythm pattern. Something simple will do fine. Then play it over and over for about one minute, then suddenly burst into chaos on the drum. Play loud, fast and totally out of a loud rumble. Hold this rumble of noise for about 10 seconds, and jump straight from the rumble back into the nice Rhythm you were playing. Do this over a number of times. This feels great. It's a great way to feel chaos and then bring everything back to order. You will feel a wonderful release when you go back to your Rhythm pattern.

Number 5. If you have no drum, why not try a little body percussion...really good fun, and you can do this with family members, partner, friend...or whoever you are isolated with. First, count to 8 at a medium tempo. Continue to count and clap your hands on number 7. Do this four times. Continue doing this, but now do two stomps left and right on numbers 1 and 2...keeping the clap on 7. Do this four times. Continue doing this, and now slap your thighs on numbers 3 and 4 ...keeping the other body beats going. Do this four times. Continue doing this, now slap your belly on numbers 5 and 6...while keeping all the rest going. Now the pattern is complete...except now you will notice you have a silent beat on number 8. Now you shout out a positive word on every number 8. Choose your own, FUN! or SMILE! Make sure it's a one syllable word. If you are playing with kids, ask them to make up some words...good fun and exercise.

Rhythm is a great way to unravel any kind of chaotic situation. It brings clarity, and order. It also releases tension (when we drum).

Try some/all of the above if you feel things are becoming chaotic during these times. I wish you well, and I hope you and your loved ones get through all of this. Please let me know how you get on ok?

God bless for now, and remember "Rhythm creates order from Chaos.


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