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Drumming and Wellness...

Wellness benefits of Group Drumming

Hello everybody,

I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for quite some time and now is the time to do it. As you know I talked about in my previous blogs about rhythm and its importance. I want to show you in this blog what benefits group drumming can bring to you and your friends.

Drumming helps us to connect with ourselves and others, it is a way of communication. We can consider it a universal language where we don’t have to use words or concepts to experience life around us…..

There has been a lot of research done and what has been discovered is that drumming can accelerate physical healing and even boost the immune system. And there is more if practised on a regular schedule it also helps us release negative feelings…..emotional trauma.

I am a firm believer in this as I have experienced it on my own. Group drumming can reduce even our stress levels, it does this by lowering the blood pressure and therefore relaxing our body. At the chemical level what happens is that through group drumming our bodies start to produce endorphins and endogenous opiates.

Even our brain is happier when drumming is in our lives, it is a great workout for it. It makes us smarter. Why? Simple, when we drum we access our entire brain, the rhythmic energy that goes to our brain synchronizes with both left and right hemispheres. This means that the logical left part of our brain together with the intuitive right part of our brain vibrate together and lead to our intuition becoming stronger and more present ...You've heard about the Alpha brain waves before? To explain, our brain can change between Beta waves (concentration) to Alpha waves (relaxation). Group drumming makes this switch and if we feel depressed or sad, a well-being state will start to appear as we go through the sessions, we start to feel alive again...

There is also the social aspect, group drumming is a great opportunity to connect with other people and gain a sense of purpose and support. Further studies have shown that by participating in this kind of groups we are close to a medium that leads us to individual self-realization, it’s a way of connecting to parts of you that you never knew before….. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

So group drumming doesn’t impact in a good way only the biological part of us it connects on a spiritual level as well, probably even more…..So how can we start, how do we know that group drumming is for us, what are the clues? If you feel that any of the above benefits that have been mentioned should be in your life that could be a start, it’s a matter of being transparent with yourself and knowing what you need.

Through my coaching workshops, I discovered how easy it is for people to connect at a group level using drumming as a way of expressing themselves ...and it never stops to surprise me, the changes that appear even from the first session.

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